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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin 'want to DESTROY the EU' Mario Monti warns | World | News
Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2018

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ‘want to DESTROY the EU’ Mario Monti warns | World | News

Appearing on TV show Porta a Porta, the former premier took a swipe at the populist and eurosceptic coalition parties in government – Five Star and Lega.

He said the leaders, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, have a desire to please the US and Russian presidents, who wish to see a disunited Europe.

Mr Monti blasted: “I believe there is in Di Maio and Salvini, but especially in Salvini, the desire to please those who would like to destroy the European Union, which are Trump and Putin.

“There are many things to change in Europe and I would like this government to change them, but I would also like them to understand that if it is just to get the voters’ approval, it is enough to shout.

“But if you want to really change something, you need to build alliances.”

The deputy prime minister, Mr Salvini, took aim at the former premier on Radio Radicale.

The populist pledged to overturn the European Union’s refusal of Italy’s budget deficit plan claiming his government will do the “exact opposite” of what Brussels demands.

He said: “We will do the exact opposite of what Monti did: the recipes imposed by Europe and by the governments Renzi, Gentiloni, Letta and Monti have increased the public debt and have impoverished Italy.”

The EU said it will take action to reject Italy’s controversial budget if the populists refuse to back down over demands.

EU officials warn that the powerful European Commission will enforce strict non-compliance rules in order to protect Brussels’ credibility.

Rome will submit its draft budget proposals to Brussels in mid-October.

The proposals will be scrutinised to see if they follow EU-wide rules.

Brussels may choose to launch a last-ditch attempt to reach a compromise with Rome over the differences before opting to reject it outright.

If the Italian government decides to refuse the Commission’s proposed changes, the EU will open an excessive deficit procedure against them.

Member states would have to give the action, which would designate a new fiscal path for Italy to balance its books.

But Mr Salvini has vowed to remain hard-nosed on the budget plans despite threats from Brussels.

Reacting to the news, he said: “We go ahead calm and responsible.

“There are no plan B or backtracks.

“We are convinced that the planned budget measures will create jobs and wealth.”

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ‘want to DESTROY the EU’ Mario Monti warns | World | News