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NBA news: LeBron James to help sign star, Klay Thompson to Lakers revelation, Jimmy Butler | Other | Sport
Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2018

NBA news: LeBron James to help sign star, Klay Thompson to Lakers revelation, Jimmy Butler | Other | Sport

LeBron James to recruit another superstar

LeBron James will help the Los Angeles Lakers recruit another superstar next summer, NBA legend Byron Scott says.

The Lakers have been linked with moves for Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson – and Scott says James will be key in another max player heading to LA.

When asked whether James will bring another star in alongside him, Scott said: “Absolutely. When I look at LeBron, I think of Magic Johnson.

“Guys are saying in this league it’s difficult to play with LeBron James.

“Why? How? He makes everyone better. He’s a willing passer. He’s all about the team.

“Magic Johnson – same thing.

“Do I think he can attract a guy? Absolutely.

“I think there’s a free agent superstar that’s looking at this Laker team and going to keep their eye on this team the whole season to see how they’re doing and see if they can be that final piece of the puzzle to get them to the point where they can challenge Golden State next year.”

Klay Thompson to the Lakers claim

Klay Thompson will not join the Lakers as the Golden State Warriors will refuse to let the guard leave, NBA pundit Stephen A. Smith claims.

“I like Josh [Hart] and he is growing and there is a place for him but he does a lot of things both ends,” Smith told ESPN.

“If you got a Josh Hart, that is not a disservice to go out and get a Klay Thompson.

“But the chances of him signing for the Lakers are slim, the Golden State Warriors have told me there is no way in hell they are losing Klay Thompson. They are not letting him go.”

Jimmy Butler update

Jimmy Butler says he clashed with Karl-Anthony Towns during his explosive training session yesterday

The Minnesota Timberwolves star, who has demanded a trade, returned to training yesterday.

ESPN say Butler was ‘vociferous and intense’ in scrimmage games and targeted coach Tom Thibodeau, general manager Scott Layden and team-mates, including Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

Butler told Layden: “You f***ing need me, Scott. You can’t win without me.”

The guard has since revealed he lost his cool, claiming Towns confronted him.

“I can’t remember exactly,” he added. “But I was seeing red. Whatever colour was in front of my eyes, I was – it was emotion, it was passion.

“That’s what it was. And to tell you the truth, this is the truth. I didn’t go at those two. One of them came at me. One of ’em came at me and I just…

“KAT. KAT came at me. We’re up in practice and he said, ‘Anybody can get this work!’

“I said, ‘Do it to me.’ That’s all that I said. I said, ‘Every time I get switched out onto you, you pass it’.”

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NBA news: LeBron James to help sign star, Klay Thompson to Lakers revelation, Jimmy Butler | Other | Sport