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Nissan Leaf advert pulled after over 'misleading' electric car charging claims
Published On: Wed, Oct 10th, 2018

Nissan Leaf advert pulled after over ‘misleading’ electric car charging claims

An advert for the electric car has been pulled after claims about its charging “were likely to mislead.”

The UK advertising watchdog ruled that Nissan had made misleading claims about how quickly the vehicle could be recharged.

This incident marks the first instance a carmaker has been censured for charging speeds.

Nissan claimed in an advert that the new Leaf could replenish up to 80 per cent of its battery capacity in under an hour.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found, however, that these claims “had not been substantiated and were likely to mislead”.

The Japanese carmaker did add in the small print at the bottom a number of caveats such as recharging times were dependent on numerous factors such as the battery temperature and size, the ambient temperature and the type of charger used.

Three motorists complained that the car sometimes took longer than an hour to recharge.

This forced Nissan to carry out a review which resulted in it changing the words in the advert.

Nissan rephrased the wording to state that motorists could “get from 20-80% charge in around 60 minutes”.

ASA officials deemed that this was not substantial enough and upheld the complaints from the vehicle owners.

It said: “We considered that even with those amendments the ad was still likely to mislead, because the claim and accompanying footnote still did not clearly convey the degree of variability in the time that may be required to deliver a certain amount of charge.”

Nissan said: “We were very disappointed with the ruling made by the ASA, although of course we will respect their decision.

“We constantly review and react to customer feedback to ensure that we are giving the very best possible service and information.”

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Nissan Leaf advert pulled after over ‘misleading’ electric car charging claims