Published On: Sun, Sep 16th, 2018

Google Maps Street View: Woman and child having tantrum spotted in public | Travel News | Travel

The Google Maps Street View camera caught a woman with a young child, presumed to be her own.

The woman was dressed in a purple jacket and cargo trousers, holding a blue bag while looking toward the Google car.

Next to her was the young child who was clad in jeans and a T-shirt.

His actions, however, were somewhat embarrassing to be caught on camera.

The young boy seemed to be having a tantrum and had thrown himself on the floor.

While his mother ignored his actions, he sat on the floor and looked up at her.

His body was across the curb and the road, as he held up something indistinguishable.

The situation is something most parents will be able to associate with.

Many children have meltdowns in public, something causing much embarrassment to parents.

The mother caught on camera appeared nonplussed and didn’t give more attention to the youngster.

How the situation ended is not revealed by Google Maps although many experts advise ignoring the youngsters until they stop having the tantrum.

It is hardly the first time an awkward situation was spotted online by the Street View camera.

A young girl was cycling with her mother in the Netherlands when an incident occurred.

The poor child fell off her bike on the street with her worried mother looking back at the collision.

Another young child was embarrassed by the camera, this time in Russia.

He was spotted running down a set of very steep steps after leaving school.

Halfway down, the boy fell and landed on his hands and knees.

Thankfully he was wearing lots of thick clothing which would have prevented injuries.

As he climbed back to his feet, he was left holding his knee after banging it on the pavement.

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Google Maps Street View: Woman and child having tantrum spotted in public | Travel News | Travel