Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2018

Viral video: Ryanair flight lands with one wheel after emergency landing | Travel News | Travel

The Ryanair flight was travelling from Stansted Airport to Copenhagen when the incident occurred.

During take off at the London airport, a wheel broke off from the flight.

This left the plane with just one wheel left, forcing it into an emergency landing.

Miraculously, the pilot made a landing at East Midlands Airport with all 190 people uninjured onboard.

The incident took place last year on 15 September, with the recent video and report by the Air Accidents Investigation branch being published since.

Cabin crew members on the ground noticed the wheel break off, who contacted air traffic control at Stansted Airport.

They then contacted the captain on the fight to alert him to the problem.

According to Hertfordshire Mercury, the report stated: “During the takeoff roll, the flight crew in an aircraft holding near the start of the runway noticed one of the nosewheels depart EI-DLV and be blown off the runway into the area behind the threshold.”

The diversion was then requested, where the “uneventful” landing took place

Thankfully the pilot managed to land at a lower than usual speed to prevent any further problems.

The damage was found to have been caused due to “heat-induced cracking” due to the material.

Passengers onboard were then taken back to the terminal via buses and managed to board a later flight.

A Ryanair spokesperson told “We note the contents of this report.

“It makes no safety recommendations of Ryanair.”

It isn’t the first time a plane was caught on camera making a landing without wheels.

A flight in Peru was forced to make an emergency landing without any front wheels at Lima Airport.

The video showed the sparks and flames emerging from the front of the plan as it skids on the ground to a stop.

Everyone onboard survived with fire rescue crews meeting the plane on the tarmac.

The reason for the problem is still under investigation.

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Viral video: Ryanair flight lands with one wheel after emergency landing | Travel News | Travel