Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2018

Google Maps Street View: Window cleaning woman risks her life | Travel News | Travel

The Google Maps Street View images captured a woman doing her job by cleaning windows.

Where she is from is not known, although the shutters outside the windows suggest somewhere in Europe where they are popular.

The woman was dressed in a purple top and blue skirt while attempting to wash the shutters.

She terrifyingly risked her life while on the job.

While cleaning, the woman leaned out of the window dangerously close to the edge.

She stepped on the ledge while leaning around to wash the shutters.

The lady appeared to be rather calm and didn’t seem to be scared of falling off.

The images do not show how high up the woman was but could be suggested that she was at least a couple of floors up.

Thankfully she seemed to know what she was doing and managed to clean the windows without injury.

Many countries in Europe use shutters outside the windows, apart from the UK.

They are often used to keep the heat out of the building, with many places abroad experiencing high heats during the summer months.

The UK, however, does not experience extreme summers so has no need for them.

Window cleaners in the UK often use technical equipment to wash windows to ensure they stay safe.

Hopefully the woman caught in the images also knew how to stay safe even without a harness.

A man was also caught in a bad situation when near a window.

Clad in printed trousers and a white t-shirt he was spotted peering into a window.

It is unknown if he knew the residents or was being rude.

Another man was spotted trying to escape a window, climbing out a second story house.

His intentions are known although he already had one leg out of the window when captured by Google Maps.

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Google Maps Street View: Window cleaning woman risks her life | Travel News | Travel