Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2018

Cruise secrets: Avoid casinos for poor odds | Travel News | Travel

Cruise holidays are some of the best ways to see the world in luxury.

Most cruise ships have unlimited entertainment with live stage shows and performances as well as swimming pools, buffets and adventure activities.

Many travellers head to the casino to try their luck at betting on the tables.

This might not always be the best idea on a cruise ship, however.

The odds on a cruise ship are worse than on land, according to cruise web Cruzely.

They explained: “The most common rule change you’ll see is blackjack paying 6-to-5 instead of the more usual 3-to-2 [on land].

“If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider that a $10 bet would pay $12 on blackjack instead of $15 under the typical rules.”

It also explains that there are a lot of new players on the ship who try their luck, meaning even more chance of losing more money.

Avid cruise goers took to online forum FlyerTalk to agree with the poor odds.

One remarked: “Casino odds onboard are worse than you’d find in Vegas.”

Another wrote: “On average, you will lose your money faster in a cruise ship casino than in a major land based one.

“On the cruise lines I have been on, every game has had worse odds –Blackjack and Craps are tweaked to further favour the house.”

Passengers wanting to try their luck should instead try casinos during stopovers on land, instead of the onboard entertainment

It isn’t the only reason to avoid the casino – they are also home to the most germs on a ship.

A cruise doctor previously told that the worst places are the lift buttons, toilet door handles and slot machines on the casino.

These areas are likely to have the highest concentration of germs and bacteria.

“It is easy for germs to spread as everyone lives and works in close proximity in a confined space,” he said.

To avoid falling sick, using antibacterial wash and spray can help when washing hands.

It could also be worth wiping down the surfaces before using them.

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Cruise secrets: Avoid casinos for poor odds | Travel News | Travel