Published On: Sat, Aug 11th, 2018

iPhone X v Galaxy Note 9 speed test and the results will surprise you

A recent performance test was conducted by Tom’s Guide, who harnessed the power of Geekbench to compare the new Note 9 with the iPhone X.

Geekbench is a benchmarking application used widely within the technology sphere to test hardware capability.

After the software has conducted a series of tests, it will give devices a score for single and multi-core performance.

Geekbench gives an estimate of how fast a piece of hardware is and how it will perform.

But the numbers provided by the application are not conclusive – raw specifications do not always mean everything when it comes to everyday use.

However, the outlet decided to put the Galaxy Note 9 with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM head to head with the iPhone X.

Geekbench gave the Galaxy Note 9 a multi-core score of 8,878, a number higher than the Galaxy S9+’s 8,295 and the Galaxy Note 8’s 6,564.

However, the new phablet failed to attain a score higher than the iPhone X.

Instead Apple’s flagship beat the Note 9 with 10,357.

It is worth noting the OnePlus 6 also came ahead of the Note 9 with a score of 9,088.

Tom’s Guide then used 3DMark Slingshot Extreme, another benchmarking platform that focuses on graphical capabilities, to compare the Note 9 and iPhone X.

Similar to Geekbench, the software will give each device a number based on how well it performs.

The higher the number, the more graphically impressive the phone is.

The iPhone X once again beat the brand new Note 9 here, attaining a score of 4,994.

Samsung’s phablet came in with 4,639.

The OnePlus 6 beat both phone’s in this area with a number of 5,124 – the version with 8GB of RAM was used throughout the comparison.

Samsung’s Note 9 did manage to beat the iPhone in one area of testing however.

Tom’s Guide tested the colour gamut’s of both.

This process measures how much of the sRGB colour gamut is displayed in each phone’s respective panel.

In real world terms, colour gamut levels reflect how many colours can be shown.

The Note 9 came in with a percentage of 224 while the iPhone X registered 128.6.

This means the overall clarity of the Note 9’s screen is better, according to the outlet.

Tom’s Guide tested the Note 9 with 6GB of RAM, but a variant with 8GB is also available meaning results could vary if this was tested instead.

Samsung announced its Galaxy Note 9 phablet on Thursday and while it sports a very similar design to the Note 8, it features a brand new camera system, a massive battery and a faster processor.

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iPhone X v Galaxy Note 9 speed test and the results will surprise you