Published On: Fri, Aug 10th, 2018

Google Maps Street View: Funny prank trap caught by children | Travel News | Travel

Google Maps Street View, using the iconic car, has mapped out millions of roads across the globe.

Many people choose to use the website for planning routes and finding addresses.

Others do it to find funny and unexplained images caught by accident, which are aplenty on Street View.

A bizarre scene was spotted in Brazil by the Google Street View car.

Three children were a few metres in front of the camera planted on the Google car.

One of the younger ones had his coat hood up and was carrying a stick while looking at the vehicle.

His two friends, one female and one male, attempted to play a prank on the car.

They were holding a long pieces of string between them in front of the vehicle.

They seemed to be setting a trap for the car to hit when it drove through.

While the string wouldn’t do much damage, it most likely would have been in the way for the driver.

What happened isn’t revealed on Google Maps, so whether the children succeeded isn’t revealed.

Their faces were blurred out so their identities remained hidden regarding their prank.

Google often blurs people and images if they get in the way of the mapping process.

It isn’t the first attempted prank by a local when spotting the Google car.

A cyclist in Australia rode on his bike behind the Google car on a road called Cecil Place.

Upon spotting the camera, the man attempted to dab in the prank, a popular dance when the person drops their head to their elbow while pointing their arms in the air.

He miraculously did the move without holding onto his bike and remained upright.

Sadly, Google didn’t find it as funny as the man did when noticing the trick.

Instead of just blurring out the man’s face, the entire man was blurred out, along with his dab.

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Google Maps Street View: Funny prank trap caught by children | Travel News | Travel