Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

Google Maps Street View: Man photographed wearing a very sinister outfit | Travel News | Travel

Google Maps Street View is frequently capturing strange sights as the Google car drives the streets of the world to map the globe.

Sometimes these odd sights have an obvious explanation, but some are just mind-boggling.

One such image is that of a man crouching on the ground in a wooded area staring at the Google camera.

To make matters even more bizarre, he is wearing a gas mask which completely covers his head.

Consequently the shot appears to be quite menacing as the viewer cannot see the man’s expression.

Furthermore, his crouched, almost animalistic position makes it look like he could be about to pounce right out the screen towards the viewer.

No one else is with the man and there seems to be very little explanation for why is wearing the gas mask.

Possibly he is simply enjoying a game of dress up, or perhaps similarly dressed friends are just out of view.

The viewer is simply left to guess the reasoning behind the man’s actions.

Another man was recently spotted in an equally baffling predicament.

A Google Maps image shows a man squashed into a small rubbish bin at the side of the road.

He is completely contorted into the receptacle with his head poking out of the bin’s entrance at an alarming angle.

There appears to be no explanation as to why he is jammed into the bin in the first place.

No other people can be seen near him so it unclear whether he was forced into the jape or voluntarily decided to climb in to hide.

At first glance it seems mind-boggling as to how the man managed to enter the bin.

However, its assumed the top can be removed and he climbed into the bin before putting the top back on and sticking his head out of the hole.

The man certainly doesn’t seem very happy with his predicament.

It is hoped he managed to get his head out of the hole and successfully climb out of the bin eventually.

Another man has been captured by Google reading the newspaper in just a pair of pants and compression stockings. 

He isn’t even wearing a pair of shoes, although his feet do look as if they are covered in sand

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Google Maps Street View: Man photographed wearing a very sinister outfit | Travel News | Travel