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Fortnite skins: How will the World Cup skins work in Fortnite – What does it look like? | Gaming | Entertainment

World Cup mania reaches fever-pitch today as Epic Games adds football skins to in time for the first game of the tournament today. 

Fortnite players can collect the World Cup skins which can be customised to the players liking.

The new skins have been launched at the same time as several massive stadiums are dropped into the Fortnite map.

The Week 7 challenges require players to score goals in five of the maps soccer/football fields, giving gamers the chance to score a World Cup goal in full football kit in Fortnite. 

How will the World Cup skins work and what do they look like? 

Epic Games have added World Cup skins to the game in honour of the global football tournaments starting off today, with Russia taking on Saudi Arabia. 

The skins are completely customisable, with players able to change the kit numbers and country represented from the 32 nations involved in the tournament. 

The v4.4 update gave players the ability to create and customise their characters as much as they want, editing looks and colour schemes to make them fully unique and individual.

The same principle will be applied to the World Cup skins, with players clicking the ‘Edit Style’ option underneath the skin to change its appearance. 

All 32 nations from the World Cup 2018 tournament will be available to players upon unlocking the skin, with numbers, colours and badges all interchangeable from the same skin.

Fortnite Week 7 challenges

Today also marks the start of the new weekly challenges for Fortnite players, with Week 7 kicking off a World Cup-themed set of tasks.

Here is the list of Season 4 Week 7 challenges for Fortnite: 

• Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents (250)

• Search Chests in Risky Reels (7)

• Consume Hop Rocks, Apples, or Mushrooms (20)

• Score a goal on different pitches (5)

• Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park (1) (HARD)

• Assault Rifle Eliminations (5) (HARD)

• Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts (3) (HARD)

Several football stadiums have been created in the Fortnite map for players to score goals. 

There are a few major additions to the map, including two massive, full-blown stadiums, but Epic Games has also sneakily added a few other ways to complete the challenge, with football pitches springing up in unexpected locations throughout the map. 

Here are all the football pitch locations in Fortnite: 

• A giant stadium that Epic just added into the game north of Pleasant Park.

• In Pleasant Park itself, towards the southern side.

• Aan indoor field, in a large-ish unnamed area just west of Tilted Towers.

• There’s a ball in the parking lot of the container depot north of Retail Row. Two containers serve as the goal.

• One of the fields in the northeast of Fatal Fields has been converted into a soccer pitch

• Beneath the projector at Risky Reels

• In the parking lot of Flush Factory, with two toilets serving as the goal.

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Fortnite skins: How will the World Cup skins work in Fortnite – What does it look like? | Gaming | Entertainment