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Stomach bloating: Reduce or even stop excess wind with activated charcoal supplements | Health | Life & Style

Bloating is often caused by gas or trapped air in the abdomen, and there are certain foods that can promote this.

The NHS recommends cutting down on foods known to cause excess wind and bloating – and there are six to be watchful of.

Beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower are all known for causing an uncomfortable feeling in your tummy. (/life-style/health/966928/how-to-beat-bloating-causes-diet-foods)

But changes to your diet isn’t necessarily the only way to remedy a bloated stomach.

Activated charcoal capsules are a natural remedy for bloating and excess wind, according to Holland and Barrett.

It says: “They work by absorbing excess gas from within your gut to relieve flatulence and feelings of fullness,” a claim that was supported by the European Food Safety Authority in 2011.

Activated charcoal is made by heating charcoal to a high temperature.

This combines the charcoal with oxygen to open up the millions of tiny pores between the atoms the charcoal is made up of, increasing its absorption abilities.

The high street health shop recommends taking the tables after meals.

It adds: “If you are taking other medication, then you should take activated charcoal tablets either two hours before or one hour afterwards.

“If you have a medical condition involving your intestine, always consult your doctor first.”

Bloating may not always be caused by the foods you eat. Swallowing too much air can also be responsible.

So what can you do to avoid this? The NHS has three things you should remember while you’re eating.

The first is not to talk and eat at the same time. You should also sit down to eat (sitting upright and not slumped over), and finally you should chew with your mouth closed so you’re not taking in excess air.

Reducing the amount of fizzy drinks you consume and stopping chewing gum can also help you avoid swallowing too much air.

While chewing gum may seem like a good tactic for helping you avoid bloat-inducing high-fat foods, researchers have found it can actually trigger trapped wind.

Holland and Barrett state: “Most chewing gums – even the sugary versions – contain artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol, which are poorly absorbed by the stomach, and can cause bloating and abdominal pain.

“In large doses, this can cause chronic diarrhoea.”

But that’s not the only problem chewing gum can cause.

It adds on its website: “All that chewing signals to your stomach that food is on its way, triggering the release of enzymes and stomach acids that aid digestion.

“Yet with no food appearing, all that action going on inside your stomach can cause bloating.”

The hot weather could also be to blame for your bloating

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Stomach bloating: Reduce or even stop excess wind with activated charcoal supplements | Health | Life & Style